Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy playoffs, birthdays, cooking and trick or treating.

So this starts my journey in Blogger land. Of course I have to pick one of the busiest weeks of the fall to start broadcasting my family, cooking and basic way of life out for the world to read and scrutinize. I know this will probably end up like most of my ventures...started off great but slowly fizzled away. I have realized even documenting something as rudimentary as cooking is a chore when you have three hungry guys wondering where dinner is and you're busy taking pictures of the plated dish. Although aren't they the ones that benefit from all this great cooking and planning?? So yes I even have to plan what I'm going to post on this blog.

My dad's 52nd birthday is tomorrow and I am already behind schedule on his present. Every year now for the past 6 years I have elated him with cooking my grandma's recipe of Pasties. Now this is not like most pasties they sell in restaurants and bakeries. This is the beef steak, pork steak and potato masterpiece that my grandmother handed down to me. Nobody else enjoys this once a year treat except for my father and myself. And if we ate them more than once a year we'd have to register our rear ends at the Secretary of State. So yes they are fattening, but take a walk afterwards and you won't feel as guilty.

So Sunday come on back and we're gonna make pasties. Then afterwards I'm taking my boys trick-or-treating at Greenfield Village. This is where my walking is coming in. I figure a couple hours walking should at least make up for the couple of pieces of candy I steal out of the kids' bags. I can pretty much resist anything except for Reese's peanut butter cup. Darn those things are tasty.

I bid you a goodnight and wonderful weekend. I'll leave you with a couple photos off of my new Nikon D5000.